Ollolai is a mountain village located in the central part of Sardinia, called Barbagia. The village is surrounded by mountains, lakes and a nature park, San Basilio, which is called the garden of Ollolai. This park is an oase of quietness surrounded by nature and untouched history. On top of the Sa punta manna you will have a panoramic view of Sardinia. This place is called the window of Sardinia, on a good clearly day you can even see the sea. 

Ollolai is build on a mountain top 1000 meters high. During the summer the temperatures are around 30 degrees, while during the nights the temperature cools down so you can have a good night of sleep. In the winters you can also expect snow in this village. If you like to ski we have a ski slope in a village called Fonni, a 30 minutes drive. While in the summer you can choose to cool down a bit in one of the two lakes nearby Ollolai. Lago di Taloro is a beautiful lake and especially the trip towards it is like you are driving on a film set, the drive will take you about 10 minutes by car. In the village Gavoi you will find the other lake where you can have a dive, this trip takes about 10 minutes. In this village you will also find a swimming pool with a panoramic view on the lake. This town has a old historic centre where you can have a drink in front of the old church. Another swimming pool is located in Ottana, a 20 minutes drive from Ollolai. 

You can also choose to stay in Ollolai, which has a cozy square with the church where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee. Ollolai is known for heir hopitality and has 6 different bars were you can order a drink or have a chat with the locals. For lunch and dinner you do not have to leave the village because we have some lovely spots where you can eat typical Sardinian food and delicious biological products. In Ollolai we have 2 agriturismos where you can choose local dishes and 2 pizzerias to have a good homemade pizza. We have also have a pharmacy, a bakery, flowershops, a newspaper stand and a lot of supermarkets to buy groceries or to have you made a sandwich on the go. 

If you thought Ollolai was a quiet village, you are correct, during the winterdays and during the siesta in the summer. During the summer, Ollolai has a lot of festivities. Almost every weekend there is a traditional event or a religious procession where men and women are dressed in traditional costumes. You will be catapulted back 30 plus years, were traditions were practised. The festivities doesn’t end with the summer, during the autumn until the winter there is a big event in Ollolai and all the neighbour villages, this big happening is called autumn in Barbagia. This event is to show the world that the traditions are still alive in the central part of Sardinia, every weekend one or more villages are opening their doors, where everybody can walk in and see,taste and buy local products.

If you would like to experience the real traditional life in Ollolai, this is also possibile. We offer some experiences, like authentic basket weaving, traditional clothing and a traditional lunch with an Sardinian family. Click on the buttons below for more information.