AMKINA fashion show in our sleep & experience in Ollolai when the house wasn't finished yet.

Amkina is a lifestyle brand located in Ollolai. In 2015 we created Amkina as a fashion brand and we launched our first womens wear collection in 2017. In January of 2018 we decided to participate on a new format television programm of RTL4, Het Italiaanse dorp, Ollolai. We were selected and in May 2018 bought a old abandoned house for €1 and we moved to Ollolai to build on our dreams. 


We wanted to expand our fashionbrand to a lifestyle brand in Italy, everything comes toghether in Ollolai. We decided to share our lifestyle in our house, where we can offer people a place to stay, create, eat and relax. This means that we will literally open the doors of our house to everyone who wants to experience the Amkina lifestyle. We love to share with you our way of living. 

We as lovers of traditional costumes and supporters of local handcrafts noticed that Ollolai has a lot to offer. With a great past, this is the village of the art of weaving. As it stands surrounded by mountains and forests in the centre of Sardinia. In the centre of Sardinia there is little human presence which has allowed Barbagia to preserve its cultural and natural treasures. 

We love cooking and are living a healthy lifestyle, plantbased and gluten-free. We would love to welcome you in the sleep & experience where you can enjoy our lifestyle, eat healthy and fresh out of the vegetable garden and enjoy the taste of Italy.


Ovan & Marije